The Franklin Cover Up

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The Franklin Cover Up

The Franklin Cover-Up
Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska

On May 3rd, 1994, the Discovery Channel was set to air Conspiracy of Silence, an hour-long documentary on a network of Nebraska businessmen and Washington politicians who flew children, some under age ten, to Washington D.C. for sex parties. The documentary did not air.

Central to the story was Omaha Franklin Credit Union president Larry King, eventually convicted of embezzlement and sentenced 15 years, of which he served ten before being granted probation. Just prior to broadcast, the film was pulled from the schedule. Proponents of the film say it withdrawn due to political pressure. Neither the producer, Yorkshire Television, nor Discovery Channel has ever commented officially on why it was pulled.

The film ties a child sex-abuse ring run by King, based around Omaha, Nebraska, to a White House male prostitution scandal investigated by the Washington Times starting in 1989. A prominent Republican lobbyist, Craig Spence, was discovered to be giving midnight “tours” to boys in order to service powerful guests of the White House. The story was prescient of another scandal in the Bush Jr. White House, when an unqualified reporter with unusual access, Jeff Gannon, was discovered to be running male prostitution services in DC..  Later Jeff Gannon was believed to be Johnny Gosh.
The Nebraska ring’s victims centered around an orphanage near Omaha named Boys Town, a Catholic church-run charity.
Even then, in all, the documentary Conspiracy of Silence and the supporting investigations and testimony suggest an entrenched, nationwide, highly-placed, and extensive network of child rapists and pedophiles in the highest reaches of business and government, who are able to suppress, manipulate, intimidate, and corrupt the justice system to the point where, as Senator Schmit says, truth is falsehood, and right is wrong.

New York Times Article Archived

Washington Post Article 1990

Front page of June 29  1989 Washington Times article.

Front page of June 29, 1989 Washington Times article.

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