Ray Chandler, Jeffrey Epstein-Photgraphy, Instagram and Trafficking

Ray Chandler, Jeffrey Epstein-Photgraphy, Instagram and Trafficking


Many people are sharing photos from an Instagram account owned by Walter Pierce.  Many of the models on Walter Pierce Instagram seem to be of children under 18.  The photos have the same background and the children/teens look drugged and some of these photos are extremely disturbing. Hollywood has been involved in this type of photography for decades. The photos on this account are certainly no different than Terry Richards.

These photos were taken from the Instagram account of Instagram of Ray Chandler, a known former child sex slave, pimp/handler, and associate of Bill Clinton and pedophile Jerry Epstein. She now runs or works for a modeling agency and is connected to someone named Walter Pierce.

It is unknown why Epstein had full dental equipment in his bathroom (pictured), but Spencer Kuvin, a lawyer who represented some of Epstein’s alleged victims, suggested he had his dental work done at home

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Some of her photos on Tumblr


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July 11, 2019

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