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Alertsense site is now completely different and the pages no longer show Laura.  Archived copies show immediately upon her return to the U.S. she was listed as The V.P of Marketing

Laura Silsby Convicted In Haiti

Haiti Trafficking

Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti without documentation

On January 29, 2010, Silsby was arrested with nine other American nationals attempting to steal 33 children from the country, most of whom were not even orphans and had families according to some reports.

An AP investigation later revealed all the children had at least one living parent, who had turned their children over to the group in hopes of securing better lives for them.

Hillary and Bill Clinton took an extraordinary interest in Silsby’s case from the moment she was arrested and almost immediately stepped in on her behalf. The Harvard Human Rights Journal stated that one of Bill Clinton’s first acts as special envoy for the United Nations in Haiti “was to put out the fire of a child abduction scandal involving American citizens.” On February 7th, 2010, The Sunday Times reported that Bill Clinton had intervened to strike a deal with the Haitian government, securing the release of all co-conspirators except for Silsby.

According to The 

In the days after the Haiti earthquake, Laura Silsby made a series of calls around the country to mobilize a trip to rescue orphaned children from the disaster.

She enlisted members of her Baptist church and told them she had all the necessary paperwork. She even found a Kentucky couple, Richard and Malinda Pickett, who had been trying to adopt three siblings from Haiti and told them she could get the children out.

The Picketts say they politely declined, figuring the youngsters were safe and would soon be evacuated to their new home.

“My wife told her that under no conditions should she try to move the kids — that would just interfere with our plans. But she called two more times, and the last time she called, on the 25th, she said she was getting on a flight and would like to pick up our kids,” Richard Pickett said. “My wife, for the third time, told her no way — stay away from them.”

The Picketts said they were immediately suspicious of Silsby. The Kentucky couple didn’t need her help — the government had already given them permission to go pick up the children. But Silsby persisted, they said.

She showed up at the Compassion for All orphanage in Haiti, asking to collect the Picketts’ three adopted children and claiming to be Malinda Pickett’s friend, according to Richard Pickett.

When the orphanage told her the children had been moved, Silsby went on to ask for any other kids she could have, Richard Pickett said. She paid a worker to take her to other orphanages in the region and translate for her.

“She asked for kids at each of the orphanages, and at the end of the day when no one would give her any.

A few days later, Silsby was arrested attempting to steal 33 children from the country

Working For Alert Sense

Since her release from detention in Haiti, Laura Silsby has returned to Idaho. In 2015, she married and took the last name Gayler. Silsby is currently employed by software company AlertSense as their Vice President of Marketing. AlertSense works with the Federal Government on FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS). One of IPAWS functions is to issue Amber Alerts during kidnapping events.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary had an interest in LauraSilsby. Wikileak emails dating back till at least 2001 have been found in her archives disscussing the organization and later asking about the arrests. Additionally. there was  an email in Wikileaks where they are literally pricing how much it costs to transport children.

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Huma Abedin was constantly forwarding Hillary articles on this woman’s organization:

And the attorney who represented Laura Silsby? A man who was himself convicted as a sex trafficker:

Pricing how much it costs to transport children:

Same group that got busted by Haitian Authorities trying to Traffic kids.

Clinton Emails


This looks like Mills & co are drafting statements following extradition.

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Silsby’s Lawyer and His Wife Were Both Arrested For Involvement in Human Sex Trafficking of Minors and Women

On February 11th, the New York Times reported that Silsby’s original lawyer, Jorge Puello, was suspected of leading an international human trafficking ring involving women and minors. According the the Harvard Human Rights Journal Puello was ultimately arrested in an investigation being lead by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security

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Monica Peterson was dedicated to investigating trafficing in Haiti.  She was critical of the Clinton Foundation.  Monica died November 2016. Her death was ruled a suicide.


Monica messages her collegues while in Haiti

I can’t say to what extent, but there is human trafficking happening through the Clinton’s Caraol Complex. And mining has always been historically linked to trafficking, slavery, and labor exploitation. I’d like to go see for myself who’s laboring at Morne Bossa, but I would hypothesize that the Dominicans are doing the contractual oversight of the mining, while marginalized Haitians are being exploited for low or no cost labor in dangerous mining conditions.  That’s two huge human trafficking scandals, an environmental degradation scandal, a social displacement scandal, a Presidential election scandal, a scandal with billions in unaccounted for earthquake aid… all leading directly back to the Clintons racist cronyism in Haiti.

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The mainstream media did little to treport on this courageous woman.  In regards to finding artiocles: If you do a search on google, the corrupt bought and paid for  “SNOPES”  comes up first regarding  Clinton ties.  The news area of google is even worse.   Google filters results of articles they dont want seen (as does youtube) Below are some articles.  Research is recommended and worth it.