Comet Ping Pong

James Achilles Alefantis aka “Jimmy Comet” is the ex-lover of David Brock, who runs The propaganda super-pac “Correct the Record”. He also owns Comet Ping Pong, a pizza joint with ping pong tables and live performances by rock bands. The rock bands that perform there also have disturbing photos and videos that depict torture, children, and sex.

Alefantis posted photos on his Instagram and was tagged in many photos.  The photos are disturbing and included sexual references. These photos include children, babies, a man covered in blood, 2 men having sex with pizza covering the genitalia area.


Photos of the Instagram can be seen here

Some photos can be seen below also.

“I Love Children”

Taped kid comet pizza instagram

Panda cumhole

Why does daddy like butt

Beauty pizza

Orange Little girl in shopping cart

Jimmy also corresponded with a user named “Pajama Factory”. Here are some of the images they shared.

Child-sized coffin

White van


“Kill Room”

Cash and drugs

James “


” Alefantis is the ex-lover of David Brock, founder of the George Soros-funded Media Matters, a Liberal media watchdog group. Brock is also Head of Correct the Record, a pro-Hillary super PAC which has gone on the record, stating that it funds millions of dollars for online trolls to confront anyone writing negative comments about Hillary Clinton on social media such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and 4chan.  David Seaman. A reputable journalist was fired from The Huffington Post for simply reporting on her health!





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