Trafficking Rings Are Being Uncovered but No Mention of the United States Yet








Child trafficking rings are being uncovered all over the world, yet rarely does our media mention the trafficking that is occurring in the United States.  Moreover, the Main Stream Media is rarely covering the stories from other countries. When and if they do, the coverage is weak or they choose to minimize it by linking it to illegal migration and alien smuggling.

An Associated Press blurb on the arrests of pedophiles in Norway was republished by a number of media outlets, including ABC, the New York Times and Washington Post, but has since been removed. However, the articles remain accessible via web archive services.

The media has the ability to report and receive public support and involvement to help prevent and combat trafficking, yet our media choose to report on how the accused child traffickers are suffering because of the accusations. The trafficking that is occurring in the United States is never spoken of and accused child traffickers are those in power so the media chooses to call it “fake news”

Since our media will not report the list below shows the epidemic of child trafficking uncovered but either not reported in the media or the coverage of the trafficking was weak.


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  1. Larry C says:

    My apologies that I cannot thank you by name for your brave, compassionate work. I write as I want to inform you of another source of extensive intel on the pedophilia by the elites. Unfortunately the source is now dead (killed by the Elites over many months) due to his exposures of their deeds. His death is a testament to the Truth of his revelations. He was a holy, Spiritual man who had unique gifts to discern what was happening in the world around him. Yes, we lost our beloved Tory Smith. His legacy now lives on in his YouTube videos which still exist (but I suspect will be removed). I suggest that you listen to some of his “downloads” from Spirit, and then SAVE them on your own storage if you find them credible. I believe his reports, as did many others including Alexandra Meadors, who in a YT video, mourned his loss after they slowly poisoned and killed him. Here is his You Tube page: . Please contact me if I can assist further. Peace. Larry

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