Letter to Media Outlets

This letter is being sent to people in the media. As we send them another post will list those we have sent it to. We will keep this list to show our effort in getting the media to report on the suspected child abuse, sex abuse trafficking and murder of children.  Calling this “fake news” without even researching, investigation or even responding to these allegations will show the cover-up and blatant disregard for children.

Concerned Citizens– PDF sent or in the process of being sent

Letter below

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Media Outlets

We are writing to ask that you look at the video and photos below.  While we understand that you must report on subjects and news send from your superiors; we are simply asking for you to view the below and decide for yourself if this is “Fake News”

Our purpose is not to start controversy and this is not political.  We are mothers, fathers, teachers, grandparents and concerned citizens.  There are tens of thousands of us behind this letter.  We are concerned not only about the safety of the children in these photos and videos, but our own children and children around the world.  It is our job to question suspected child abuse especially when there is an abundance of overwhelming evidence.

As a person in the media, we count on you to also inform, investigate or simply even question any form of child abuse or neglect.  If you are not willing to do this as part of your job, would you please consider looking into this as a concerned citizen as well?

We have spent months researching and archiving evidence.  Many of us have lost time at work and have spent nights sleepless because we are so concerned about the child abuse, sex abuse and child trafficking we have uncovered.

Please give us and these children some hope.


Concerned Citizens.

Please watch this video—Full detailed explanation

Another Video—photo evidence

Another Video—video and audio speaking of killing babies


Feel free to comment below to show your support for the media to report on this


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6 Responses to Letter to Media Outlets

  1. Dan says:

    please investigate this!

  2. Donna Heston says:

    Please investigate this. It is real. If my child was missing as an example, I wouldn’t want a person who was cought stealing children from Haiti, being in charge of the Amber Alert to find my child! This person now works for the AMBER ALERT SYSTEM! How can that be? So much is going on and it is time to for this all to come out Please help! I am a mother and grandmother. This affects us all.

  3. Tyler says:

    Please investigate this or at east watch the videos and look at the evidence.

  4. Calub says:

    Please investigate this and stop calling this fake news. How do you know if it is fake when nobody has reported on this.

  5. anna says:

    Please investigate this as I have many friends with mk ultra personalities and memories of satanic ritual abuse. This should not be happening and you are feeding the lie machine by not reporting truth.

  6. Brandon says:

    This is not fake news please take a look at all the evidence before dismissing this issue..

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