Working to end

Child Sex Abuse & Trafficking

The Issues

Politicians and Officials

This is a long list of current and former goverment officials involved in sexual misconduct and abuse of minors. Elite pedophile networks connected to our goverment, have operated shamelessly and without fear of prosecution .

Goverment Coverup of Child Sexual Abuse

It’s hard for anyone to believe that our goverment would coverup this type of crime, especially when it involves children.   Sadly, there is much evidence that shows many politicians and/or officials are directly involved.

Media Bias

Many would assume the stories of child trafficking and sex abuse would be plastered all over the national news. Sadly, today’s networks prefer to igore these issues or (based on the accused) victim shame or call the stories conspiracies.

United States Preying on Underprivelaged Countries

Hollywood Normlizing Pedophilia

The mainstream media and Hollywood continuosly try to normalize pedophilia and promote the sexualization of children.  From Lifetime’s reality series “Dance Moms,” featuring an episode where girls as yung as eight,wearing costumes that simulate nudity while dancing provacatively to a 10-year-old Canadian so-called drag queen posing next to a half-naked adult performer.

Non Reporting