The Truth in plain sight

Child Trafficking, Rape and Torture, and The Media Lies and Continuous Coverup


A four year old child is lured from her home. She is taken to a cold, empty room, stripped of her clothes and raped by more than five men.  When they are finished, they urinate on her. She is raped, vaginally and anally.  She is chained with a dog collar.  After about 9 hours her small broken body is taken to another room with other children.  The abuse, torture rape and humiliation contimues for four yers- until she is sliced open and sacrificed in front of other children.

After reading this, most people would be outraged, cry, speak out, get involved, contact officials or do anything to help fight this horrific abuse- Expected response.

This same person with the above reactions turns on the television and hears their favorite politician say this story is “fake news”,  so he/she decides to wipe the tears and continue on with the day. Sad reality

It is time to put children ahead of politics.  It is time to question why these issues are under-reported or not reported at all.  

Do your research

Look at the evidence

Stop the abuse, torture and killing of our children

Together we can make a difference

Goverment Coverup

The Franklin Cover Up

It’s hard for anyone to believe that our goverment would coverup this type of crime, especially when it involves children.  Although there are many great people in our goverment, there are also many who know about this, have covered it up or who turn a blind eye.  Sadly, there is much evidence that shows many are directly involved.


Called “fake news” by those accused and the corrupt mainstream media outlets. Dom’t let the word pizza distract you.  Pizza is ahown on the FBI’s January 2007 “intelligence bulletin” on “symbols and logos used by pedophiles to identify sexual preferences.” We ask that you look at the evidence and decide for yourself.

Politicians, Officials and Celebrities


Former Speaker of the House Dennis – a serial child molester.  It does not stop there. This is a long list of current and former goverment officials involved in sexual misconduct and abuse of minors