Evidence of Child Trafficking and the Cover Up Among Government Officials and Elite
Disclaimer: This site contains allegations regarding child trafficking and the investigation into the #Pizzagate scandal. Because of the media’s refusal to cover it and authorities refusal to investigate, evidence remains circumstantial.  This site contains research and we encourage visitors to form their own opinion.

Although the media and several politicians are calling this “Fake News”, none of the accused have made a public statement or answered questions from researchers and concerned citizens. However, many of the independent reporters and researchers that share information have been harassed, threatened and even had their sites taken down. Sites like Facebook and Reddit have also removed evidence, and posts regarding pizzagate.  Search engines also filter the results.  A search for pizzagate will show articles for “fake news” first.

For the reasons above many of photos and documents on this site are linked to other sources (we have copies) so that we so not risk our site being compromised. Furthermore, photos and documents contained in this site are also backed up and housed on over 100 other servers. Any attempt to have this site removed for malicious reasons will result in more websites containing more links, documents, photos and evidence.

The best-unbiased video in detail. Watch this video to understand why we must investigate.


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